Обновление компании с новым веб-сайтом


As not long ago the world and our lives completely changed, we decided to change ourselves as well.

We’re not sure, when we’ll have the chance to meet you again in person, at an exhibition or at another event. That’s why we thought, that now it’s not the time for a pause, but for a new beginning.

From now on we want to establish efficient virtual communication with our clients and our current step towards this, is the presentation of our new website. We’re very excited to welcome you here, to get in touch and swap ideas with you online, anytime and everywhere.

On our website you’re able to:

  • explore our products from a broad overview down to the tiniest detail: tech specs, 3D models, etc.
  • learn some facts about our company
  • get to know our team
  • see it in action
  • catch up on all the news about us
  • contact us whenever you’d like to

We have adapted our daily business to the new regulations and therefore we are looking for virtual ways to stay connected with our clients and to welcome new ones.

By ReFreshing our online presence and ReStarting our work, we’re embracing the New Normal and looking forward to new projects and new opportunities for collaborations.

There’s much more to come.


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