вторая доставка в ЛУКОЙЛ

On 18 March 2017 we signed our second contract for Lukoil, which contains air-conditioning systems for Lukoil’s living quarters platform at the Caspian Sea.

The entire delivery was finished yesterday, on 10 January 2018.

We delivered 21 air-cooled units with a total capacity of 2.700 kW as well as 21 air handling units with 120.000 m3/h total air exchange rate and 100% fresh air conditioning.

The units can be used outdoors, at temperatures between -30 °C and +36 °C and 100% fresh air at +40,6 °C.

Optimal performance during the summer: cooling down at +22 °C
Optimal performance during the winter: heating at +20 °C
Planned lifespan: 35 years
Planned performance untill first full overhaul: 10 years

Further details:

  • Outdoor units constructed according to the adverse conditions of work in open areas on offshore platforms
  • Protection class IP56
  • Sea water resist materials, fin-coils of cooper fins with copper pipes and stainless steel frame
  • Axial fans with IEC Siemens motors
  • Fans with IP66 variable speed drive
  • Reciprocating Bitzer compressors
  • Oil managment system

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