Cabin units


Apolon CU is a manually operated cabin unit for single duct applications. Airflow is controlled via an adjusting knob installed on the diffuser. The control mechanism has mechanical limits for minimum and maximum airflows.These limits can be easily set during commissioning. CU is recommended to be used in conjunction with Apolon’s diffusers, as the mechanism has to be fixed to the diffuser’s structure. The airflow is adjusted with diffuser knob.


    • Pressure range from 50 Pa up to 1000 Pa
    • Airflow range 0 m3/h…450 m3/h
      • CU-150 :0 to 150m3/h
      • CU-250 :0 to 250m3/h
      • CU-350 :0 to 350m3/h
      • CU-350 :0 to 450m3/h

*nominal airflow

  • Airflow adjustment with diffuser knob
  • Mechanical max./min. airflow limits for easy commissioning
  • Airflow measurement probes




Installation manual
Drawing PDF
Drawing ACAD
3D model – STEP

3-D model