• Suitable for cooling of engine control rooms mess rooms, galley, technical rooms
  • Discharge air grid or connected to duct system
  • Capacity from 14 to 18kW

Standart configuration:

  • Case from galvanised powder coated steel – RAL7035
  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor – Bitzer AG
  • Shell and tube condenser fresh water cooled – Bitzer AG
  • Plug-in variable speed fan – EBM Papst Gmbh.
  • Cooling coil – blue Hydrolic Coated Aluminium fins and copper pipe
  • Refrigerant R134A
  • Power supply 400V/50Hz/3Ph or 440V/60Hz/3Ph

Optional configuration:

  • Case from stainless steel – AISI316/1.4401
  • Power supply 600V/50Hz or 660V/60Hz
  • Compressor
    • Hermetic Scroll
    • Hermetic reciprocating
  • Condenser
    • Sea water cooled shell and tube condenser
    • Brazed plated heat exchanger BPHE fresh water cooled
  • Heating
    • Electric heaters
    • Hot water fin coil


Refrigerant R134A(GWP 1430) / R513A(GWP 631)

Parameter @ 50Hz @ 60Hz
Cooling capacity 15.23 kW 18,3 kW
Air flow 2300m3/h 2750m3/h
Cooling water flow 5 m3/h 5 m3/h
Power supply 400V/50Hz/3Ph or 440V/60Hz/3Ph
Power consumption 5.2 kW 6.1 kW
Inlet air DB 27°C, inlet air WB 19.6°C, See water temp. +35°C
Service and maintance spase


Drawing PDF
Drawing ACAD
3d – model STEP

3-D model