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Marine chiller units CWW

High performance screw compressor

Capacity regulation 0-25-50-75-100% or infinity

Positive lubrication

Integrated oil separator

Sea water cleanable shell in tube condenser

All protection equipped

Pressure gauges as standard

Isolating valves


CWW is a sea water cooled chillers delivered from Apolon Climate Engineering for air-conditioning of accommodation, control rooms, etc. They are completely assembled and tested in the factory and supplied with refrigerant and non-freezing oil charge. Thanks to their compact dimensions and to the several options available, these units are particularly easy to install also in small spaces, with additional works. Therefore, once on board, the units only need to be positioned and electrically and hydraulically connected. Strong and compact frame, made of bended and coloured steel profiles, supporting the exchangers of the evapo-condensers groupand on which all the main components are  installed at sight. Semi-hermetic screw compressors equipped with capacity steps, motor thermal protection, oil crankcase heater and phase monitor. The compressors lubrication is of forced type, with no pump and in order to prevent many oil migrations to the cooling circuit, the compressors are provided with an oil separator, in-built to the discharge side. The electrical motor is foreseen for lower inrush current and in this case the unit is equipped with an automatic partial load inrush device and mechanical interlock of the inrush control switches, to prevent accidental short circuits (options DS and PW). • Semi-hermetic screw compressors type oil separator equiped • Zero ozone depletion potential R134A(CWW-xxx/Ax) or R407C(CWW-xx/Cx) • Part wedding start of motor • Suction and discharge isolating valves • Oil sight glass • Electric crankcase oil heater • Infinity capacity regulation from 30% to 100% • Integrated electronic thermal protection • Economizer function for best performance (CWW-xxx/xE) • PLC-based control for best performance and comfort. Pressure sensors equipped with readings and settings from the HMI controls panel • Intuitive Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) from 7” TFT Touch panel • Low pressure cut-out, which will stop the compressor at a pre-set minimum suction pressure. Automatic reset after stop • High pressure cut-out, which will stop the compressor at a pre-set maximum discharge pressure. Manual reset required after stop • Low oil level cut-out, which will stop the compressors at low oil level. The cut-out incorporates an electronic time delay and must be manually reset • Condenser pressure safety relief valves set to open at the design pressure. • Compressor head temperature protection by measure of discharge gas temperature and refrigerant liquid injection • Ultrasonic flow control of cooled water

Model Capacity COP Length Width Height
kW - mm mm mm
CWW-170/CE 144 4.56 2370 800 1850
CWW-197/CE 171 4.7 2550 800 1850
CWW-227/CE 191 4.74 2550 900 1850
CWW-258/CE 217 4.58 2550 900 1850
CWW-295/CE 257 4.6 2550 900 1850
CWW-336/CE 287 4.56 2850 900 1850
CWW-359/CE 317 4.64 2850 900 1850
CWW-410/CE 359 4.69 2850 900 1850
CWW-470/CE 403 4.54 2850 900 1850
CWW-535/CE 474 4.65 2970 900 1850
CWW-615/CE 539 4.72 2970 900 1850
CWW-700/CE 626 4.7 2970 900 1850
CWW-805/CE 710 4.89 3320 900 1850
CWW-910/CE 794 4.72 3320 900 1850
CWW-1015/CE 885 4.47 3550 900 1850

(1) Outlet chilled water T = +5°C, Inlet cooling water T=+32°C, Outlet cooling water T=+37°C

(2) it is possible different configuration on request **All dimension +/- 10 mm

Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice