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Refrigerators & Provision Units

Units designed and assembled in the factory, for easy installation and minimum space requirements

Designed for provisions room cooling capacities, 3 – 14kW

Reciprocating compressor

Capacity regulation 0-50-100%

One compressor-condenser unit operational and one in stand-by

Sea water cleanable shell in tube condenser

All protection equipped

Pressure gauges as standard

Isolating valves on compressor and coolers

All valves, solenoids and glasses on same plate for easy service

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors type

Positive lubrication provided by integrated gear type oil pump

Oil sight glass

Electric crankcase oil heater

Capacity regulator

Integrated electronic thermal protection

Low and High pressure cut-out switch with auto and manual reset

Low oil level cut-out

Compressor head temperature protection by measuring of discharge gas temperature

and refrigerant liquid injection

Condensing temperature controlled by sea water valve

Automatic defrost cycle


We are successful manufacture of provision refrigerating plants for all marine applications. We plan, manufacture, deliver and assemble them. Provision refrigerating plants for various application situations and requirements, from oil rigs, container ships and pleasure boats to private yachts. The individual project planning and development by our engineers, technicians and craftsmen takes place with the help of state-of-the-art CAD systems to guarantee cooperation across divisions. We are the right partner for you for all services from the delivery of the individual unit to ready-to-use complete solutions with custom-fit cooling stores and all fittings. RCWC compressor-condensing unit is available in two base frame, fully factory equipped with compressor, oil-separator, filter driers, receivers, refrigerants and control automation.

Capacity (kW)(1) 2.73 3.97 5.41
Cooled rooms(2) 2 3 3
Supply (V/Hz/Ph) 380..420V Y/3/50Hz or 440..480V Y/3/60Hz
Weight approx (kg) 314 314 335
L x D x H (mm) 700x970x950
Capacity (kW)(1) 6.64 8.06 9.9 11.59 13.41
Cooled rooms(2) 4 4 5 5 5
Supply (V/Hz/Ph) 380..420V Y/3/50Hz or 440..480V Y/3/60Hz
Weight approx (kg) 355 390 390 480 480
L x D x H (mm) 800x1000x1875

(1) Tev = -25°C, Tc=40°C

(2) it is possible different configuration on request

**All dimension +/- 10 mm

Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice