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Self-contained units

Reciprocating semi-hermetic compressor

Cooling coil for direct expansion

High-efficiency direct coupled centrifugal fan

Water-cooled shell and tube condenser made from Cu-Ni for sea-water resistance or Cu for fresh water

Standard refrigerant R404A or R407C

Power supply 3x400V/50Hz or 3x440V/60Hz

Air filter EU-2

Evaporator Cu tubes with Cu fins and stainless steel base frame for better resistance (models MAC-Cxx/x/SS)

Pressure gauges as standard

Capacity regulation 0%-50%-100% from models MAC-C60/x/xx

Protection as standard:

motor overload, high pressure, low pressure, motor thermal protection,
water flow protection, evaporator antifreeze protection.



Marine type packaged air conditioning unit is developed by Apolon Climate Engineering, focused on marine and offshore installation purposes, especially considering the limited space in a ship. Following the plug and play basis with only simple and fast installations the packed air conditioner MAC-Cxx is suitable for use in the most areas, e.g. engine control room, galleys, cabins, special equipment rooms, etc. Designed considering the specific and rigorous conditions on the sea such as intensive vibration due to pitching and rolling of a ship, corrosion caused by sea water and breeze, this unit can be used as practical solution for small capacity air conditioning.

Cooling capacity (kW)    6.4/7.6 9.9/11.9 16.8/20.1 20.4/24.4
Compressor PI[kW]   2.7/3.2 3.7/4.5 6.2/7.4 7.3/8.9
 Water flow(m3/h)   1.54 1.87 3.77 3.83
CW loss(bar)   0.04 0.07 0.12 0.07
Dimmension (HxWxD),mm   1450/870/420 1450/870/420 1680/870/550 1680/870/550
Weight (kg)   168 186 275 340
MAC-C85 MAC-C105 MAC-C125
Cooling capacity (kW)    24.8/29.7 31.5/37.6 36.1/43.1
Compressor PI[kW]   9.1/10.9 11.4/13.45 12.7/15.3
 Water flow(m3/h)   6.08 5 6.55
CW loss(bar)   0.17 0.1 0.16
Dimmension (HxWxD),mm   1680/870/550 1820/1280/600 1820/1280/600
Weight (kg)   392 440 520
1. Capacity is based on evaporator entering air temp. 27°C D.B/19.5°C W.B. and entering condenser sea water temp. 32°C or fresh water 37°C
2. 50/60Hz, PI power input, CW cooling water
3. Each unit has been tested in factory for a minimum 120 minutes
4. Above parameters are based on refrigerant R404A. Other refrigerants are available on request.
** All dimmesions +/- 10mm
Technical specification are subject to change without prior notice