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Air handling units

The need for forced feeding of fresh air handling units are necessarily equipment for each vessel.

Our AHU’s are produced depending of customer design and can include:

el. heaters, hot water coils, steam coils, cold water coils, direct expansion coils,

humidification units, filters, air-distribution unit for supply with fresh air or recirculation



Casing: As standard aluminium frame and panels from alu/zinc sheets on both side and mineral wool. Unit is mounted on welded base frame of steel beams. All parts of casing are coated. Casing from stainless steel can be offered for high corrosion resistance. Filtration G4 class of filtration is standard for our AHU’s. In special cases we can adding filters class from G1 to G4 and F1 to F9. Cooling and Heating Temperature changing of supplied air can be from steam coils, el. heaters, hot water coils, cold water coils, direct expansion coils. Cooper-aluminium or cooper-cooper are materials for coils. Using of recuperation increase efficiency of unit and decrease operational cost. Air distribution AHU’s ca supply 100% fresh air or mixed. Re-circulation is controlled by dampers with hand or automatic control.