Packaged water cooled A/C 


Packaged water cooled A/C unit for indoor installation. 

  • DX- fin coil from Copper fins, copper pipes, AISI316 side plates
  • Heating by electrical heater or hot water
  • Reciprocating semi-hermetic compressor with oil sump for better lubrication and oil control device
  • Capacity regulation in wide range by compressor head shut-off valve and compressor speed regulation by invertor(optional)
  • PLC control with possibilities to control cooling cycle and smooth temperature regulation.
  • Ready for 2020’s ban with new refrigerant with GWP<2500, R513A
  • 3-phase power supply 220V/400V/460V
  • Connection directly to duct system becouse of high available pressure of internal fan.
  • Cooled by sea water or fresh water 


Refrigerant R134A(GWP 1430) / R513A(GWP 631)

Parameter @ 50Hz(conventional) @ 60Hz(conventional)
Cooling capacity 12.2 kW 15.2 kW
Available pressure up to 1500Pa
Supply air flow 700..1500 m3/h
Cooling water 2.5 m3/h / dP=0.3bar
Rejected heat 17kW 700..1500 m3/h
Power supply 400V/50Hz/3Ph or 440V/60Hz/3Ph
Power consumption 5.2 6.3 kW
Tev=+2°, Tc=+45°C, Twater=+30°C,
Max water temperature +38°C


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3-D model